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“Probably the best books on clowns in the world!” (Jacques Lecarte, Clowns Without Borders, Brussels)

“I must tell you – I am having a really fabulous time using your Clown Training book with 2nd and 3rd years on the first Clowning Module here at USW! The exercises are great and some work almost on their own, I don’t need to add much explanation or talk about them afterwards because the results are so clear. I have never found exercises for any kind of theatre to work so well before … it’s such a pleasure to use them. Well done!” (Dr Hilary Ramsden, Senior Lecturer, Drama and Performance, University of South Wales and co-founder of Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army)


“a much-needed contribution to the field, discussing historical and contemporary clowning in one volume” (Dr Lucy Amsden, University of Birmingham, reviewing “Clown Readings”)


“fascinating, innovative analysis ... Davison’s book is marked by an intense investment in his subject matter ... The book’s wealth of information and broad scope encourages further detailed looks at a variety of clown histories and practices. Often taking views contrary to other clown or theatre practitioners and scholars, Davison hopes to ruffle feathers.” (Dave Peterson, reviewing “Clown Readings”)

"Davison is not afraid to challenge assumptions and counter prejudices. The result is a gratifyingly historicized and situated account of a staggering range of examples of clowning, grounded in personal artistic experience, which is invaluable for students and scholars alike. Clown is impressively ambitious in scope, ranging from Shakespearean fools to hospital clowns, from Buster Keaton to the Koshari of New Mexico” (Dr Barnaby King, Edge Hill University, reviewing 'Clown Readings')


“recommended OED source of authoritative information on clowning terminology” - Peter Gilliver (Associate Editor, Oxford English Dictionary)

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