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Clowning Experiment


The Clowning Experiment has come about in order to explore how some of the great clowning that has happened in classes, courses and workshops, both Foundation and Devising, might be adapted to work in public rather than in the workshop situation. It’s a pity that only we get to witness some of this great clowning in class!


Of course, the context of a workshop and a public performance are very different and work in different ways. The challenge is to find ways to set up the public performance so that the clowning can happen. This would be slightly different to the work of creating numbers but might also overlap. The experiment will look at how to frame or set up what was originally a classroom exercise in such a way that an audience can understand and enjoy watching it.


The exploration is taking place through a series of experimental sessions, eventually with have an invited audience see the results. Once it is clear how it might work, some of those results might be included as part of future performances.


Participants are invited to work during a series of sesisons at the Rosemary Branch Theatre.

Outputs from the experimental sessions

Session 1: 3rd June 2018


1. Focusing on the mechanics of selected exercises, avoiding tangential interests in other non-clown genres

2. Strong clown persona



1. Appropriate training to be in correct frame of mind and body for clowning

2. Framing and set-up of exercises to allow spectators to understand and enjoy


Exercises framed (provisionally)

1. Naming

2. Hitting (newspaper) and non-newspaper derivatives (leave/enter when funny)

3. Guess the show

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