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Jon Davison is one of the most sought after clown teachers worldwide, particularly in the English- and Spanish-speaking worlds.

Clown Workshop in Brussels

24th-29th February 2020

Times: 10am-5pm

Cost: €350

Venue: The Open Space, Chaussée de Vleurgat 15, 1050 Brussels, Belgium


To book your place, email

Amber Alblas or

Jon Davison

for details on how to enrol

The week is aimed at both those who have done a workshop with Jon Davison and those new to his method.
Teaching is in English with French translation when required.


This workshop starts with a look at the fundamental dynamics of clowning, how to make yourself and your friends look stupid so we will love and laugh at you. Converting our habitual fear of ridicule into the pleasure of laughing at ourselves, we can use it to make others laugh and experience the freedom of the clown. How do clowns do what they do, how does your stupidity make you a success, and how does the unthinkably ridiculous come about?


We will also be looking at some of the countless practical ways of devising material appropriate for your clowning. Awareness of and understanding of these is far preferable to just hoping the clown you ‘found’ or a single idea will survive the real stage situation. By the end of the week, we will aim to bring together your own particular way of clowning (your stupidity and craziness) with careful crafting and composition of performance material, and how to make sure the material you create really works for you.


When you really look, most things are ridiculous: our bodies, our movements, our ideas, our emotions, our words, our relationships, the universe. The only aim in clowning is to turn failure into success, fear into laughter, suffering into joy. We don’t need to change ourselves, just look at everything from another perspective. It’s a human thing to do, so anyone can do it.


Clowning is sometimes shrouded in mystery but in reality it's a very simple mode of performance. This workshop uses simple exercises rooted in laughter response in order to access clowning in the most direct manner possible.

Payments and cancellations

I do not refund payments made but I can offer you the chance to use your payment towards a course or workshop at a later date. This can only be done once and must be requested at least 48 hours before the start of a course or workshop. This policy is to protect the viability of courses, whose costs and numbers of participants need to be confirmed in advance.

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