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This rich collection of readings offers a wide-ranging and authoritative survey of clown practices, history and theory, from the origins of the word clown through to contemporary clowning.


Covering clowns in theatre, circus, cinema, TV, street and elsewhere, the author's stimulating narrative challenges assumptions and turns orthodoxy on its head. Part I: What Do Clowns Do? / Grock's Entrée / Clown History / Clown and Pierrot / Birth of the Auguste / Clown Drama / Death and Rebirth of the Clown / Clown Women / Part II: How Do Clowns Clown? / Clown Theory, Technique and Technology / Clown Authors / Clown Training / Clown Politics / Clown TV / Clown Plots / Clown Truth / Clown Today

Clown: Readings in Theatre Practice

  • Available only from bookshops and online booksellers

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