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The weekly classes are now online only

Next dates to be confirmed

Online Clowning Part 1


Venue: Zoom

Next classes to be confirmed

Time: 18.30 – 19.30 (London time) (Berlin 19.30, New York/Montreal 13:30, Vancouver/Los Angeles 10:30)

Cost: £75 (10 classes)

£50 (6 classes)

£10 (1 class) 

Max. no. of participants per group: 10

How to register for classes: Please send an email to indicating your interest and to know if there are places available.

Every week, we will explore some fundamental ways to create and structure material, both online and off; using specific tasks and exercises which generate ideas and material appropriate for clown performance, and weekly homework tasks. We’ll work on how to use the medium as a clown as well as creating your own finished performances for on- and off-line performance.​


This course will mix basic clown exercises with tasks I have developed over many years for in-person teaching, adapted to the unpredictable and new world of online learning. This not only generate loads of ideas for you to use, but also teaches the principles behind clown performance and will serve you well in your own creative work.

The classes are aimed at anyone who wants to develop their clowning, at whichever stage of development you are at. So do sign up, whether you’re a would-be clown, a clown-in-training, a professional performer, a comedy writer, or just really curious to learn about how clowning gets created.

Online clown classes are such a new phenomenon that often people find it hard to imagine what they are like. So here are some clips from exercises in class to give an idea of some of what goes on.

Jon invites us through a door into the agility of our imagination. His ideas and exercises are simple, playful, whimsical, and work in deep moment-to-moment awareness. But please look around at other online miracles as I don’t want this one to get over crowded.

(Peter Shub, Clown, USA/Germany)


"I loved Clown School Online. Jon is such an encouraging and insightful teacher- he always spots where your work is exciting but more importantly how you can take it forwards. I learnt so much from him and the rest of the group. There was a mixture of prepared pieces, tasks off the cuff and both group and solo work which constantly kept me on my toes! I found the online format was actually beneficial in making my jokes clearer, better written and better structured... It felt like it became about the material rather than just stage presence. I thoroughly recommend Jon's classes- they were an absolute joy!!!

Looking forward to joining another course soon!"

(Paloma Oakenfold, Performer, UK)


"This course has been of great value to me because not only has it been informative but it has kept me feeling creative and has connected me with a diverse group of people in Lockdown. On this course you don't just learn from the teacher you learn from everyone else on the course and you find out more about your own aptitudes, attitudes, strengths and weaknesses. I think the more you put in the more you get out of it.

The other participants bring a very diverse and culturally rich range of ideas to bear.

The course being digital at moment has added value as devising for Zoom calls for much more considered use of the frame, sometimes editing and the motion rhythm seems of heightened importance. The clown relation to audience has been a big challenge and a stimulus throughout.

I strongly recommend this course."

(Ian Macnaughton, Actor, UK)


Please send an email to and I will send you details of how to pay.




I do not refund payments made (either whole or part payments) but I can offer you the chance to use your payment towards a course or workshop at a later date within one year of the original courser. This can only be done once and must be requested at least 48 hours before the start of a course or workshop. If you cancel within 24 hours or do not turn up without notification then you should pay any outstanding fee.


This policy is to protect the viability of courses, whose costs and numbers of participants need to be confirmed in advance.


I try to keep all prices as low as possible (I haven’t forgotten how difficult it can be to be a student). That’s why there is a single price, with no discounts or concessionary rates.

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