Weekly Clown Course

Every Monday at London Clown School

Monday Clown Course 

Enrolment open for 10-week Clown Course 

27th April - 29th June 2020

NOTE: delayed start date, check here for updates


Time: 6.30 – 8.30pm

Venue: Fourth Monkey, 97-101 Seven Sisters Road, London N7 7QP

Cost: £150

EARLY BIRD PRICE before 20th March - £120

(10 classes) Some drop-in availability on a limited basis £18 per class 

Max. no. of participants: 20

How to register for classes: Please send an email to info@jondavison.net indicating your interest and to know if there are places available.


This course is aimed at different kinds of people: you might be just starting clowning, you might want to reinforce your understanding of clowning, or get back to it after a time away.

We begin with introducing participants to the fundamentals of clowning, learning to feel and enjoy our own ridiculousness. Converting our habitual fear of ridicule into the pleasure of laughing at ourselves, we can use it to make others laugh and experience the freedom of the clown.  

The course will end by looking at some of the basics of creating material for clown performance. There are countless practical ways of devising material appropriate for your clowning.

What are the clown workshops held every Monday all about?


The main aim is to work continuously on a better understanding in practice of what makes clowning happen. As the years have passed, I have more and more come to the conclusion that it’s all rather simple. So simple, in fact, that it’s easier to clown than it is not to clown (people often say comedy and clowning is so difficult, but maybe they’re wrong). You just have to create the right conditions. So that’s what I hope to do in a workshop: set up the best possible conditions for participants to clown, and, crucially, to understand how it works. Increasingly, then, I’ve preferred to whittle down what used to be a whole mountain of games and exercises into two or three fundamental forms, which can help you access the dynamics of clowning as directly as possible. And those forms, or dynamics, are derived in turn from the basic premise of clowning, which is to be the object of laughter for others.


This workshop is ongoing, drop in, continuous, unending - basically every Monday - so you can come regularly or occasionally or just once. It works for different kinds of people: you might be just starting clowning; you might want to reinforce your understanding of clowning, or get back to it after a time away; you might want to start performing in public or polish your performance skills.



Please send an email to info@jondavison.net and I will send you details of how to pay.




I do not refund payments made (either whole or part payments) but I can offer you the chance to use your payment towards a course or workshop at a later date within one year of the original courser. This can only be done once and must be requested at least 48 hours before the start of a course or workshop. If you cancel within 24 hours or do not turn up without notification then you should pay any outstanding fee.


This policy is to protect the viability of courses, whose costs and numbers of participants need to be confirmed in advance.


I try to keep all prices as low as possible (I haven’t forgotten how difficult it can be to be a student). That’s why there is a single price, with no discounts or concessionary rates.