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21st Century Clown

My attempt to find my own true style: solo, mainly improvised and very risky. It's been evolving and devolving for quite a while... probably ever since I started performing. It's been seen in various forms, some successful, some complete failures.

21st Century Clown” brings you disobedient furniture, silly spaghetti and ridiculous music.

. ..spontaneous yet disciplined… original yet familiar… subtle yet grotesque… anarchic yet formulaic… hilarious yet heart-rending…


Whether you want your clowns to be oafish buffoons or refined artists, then this is a show for you…

Coining the phrase “21st Century Clown” might sound like a cheap marketing gimmick, but it neatly expresses two facts: that clown has its own history, and that we have our own historical moment. In other words, we can learn from the past but the present is unique. It’s also a way of setting myself apart from the suffocating effects of post-Lecoq orthodoxy which, unbelievably 50 years on, is still leading UK drama schools up the garden path.

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