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Over the last 30 years I have created and/or directed around 50 shows, with my own companies (Companyia d’Idiotes, Cast of Thousands, Sclowns and Stupididity) and others.


I have guided and directed countless students, new and experienced performers in helping them create short clown and other numbers (around 1,000 of these as far as I can remember).


I have advised, mentored and supervised dozens of students working on dissertations and research projects in the field of clowning, at universities across the globe.

Mentoring and Tutoring


Are you writing a dissertation or thesis within the field of clown performance studies?


Do you find it difficult to access research materials in the field of clowning?


Are you in need of some orientation from an experienced researcher with extensive knowledge of clown eprformance practice, theory and history?


Would you benefit from assessment or proof-reading of your writing?



Directing, 1-2-1 Coaching, Research Tutoring:

£35/hour (solo or two-person companies); (£175/day, or £750/week)

£100/hour (larger companies)

Directing and Coaching


Anything from a short number to a full-length show normally benefits from having someone else able to think and reflect from the outside. Clown material doesn't normally just appear out of thin air. 


Do you have a a new idea, a half-made piece or an old bit of work that you need help with finishing, adapting or improving? 


Do you wonder why you can't get your idea onto stage?


Are you already performing but don't know why audiences don't receive your work as you would like them to?


Do you just dont know how to start?


Do you need some one-to-one coaching to help you use clowning in your performance?

I also love being directed. It's the same process. As in these clips with two of my favourite clown directors, Bienam Perez and Hilary Ramsden: